Bay Fair Center and STT Security Services, San Leandro: Defendant STT Security Services agreed to implement a new ADA complaint service policy and training program at all locations where they provide security services in the United States to allow disabled patrons to be accompanied by their qualified service dogs when entering facilities. October 2020.

Salinas Sports Complex, Salinas: Defendants agreed to provide an accessible ramp to concessions areas, install more accessible parking for events, and provide more compliant seating in the grandstands in their large outdoor rodeo and concert venue. August 2020.

Crow’s Nest Restaurant, Santa Cruz: Defendants agreed to provide accessible parking, interior and exterior paths of travel, seating, and a fully accessible single accommodation restroom at this large two story restaurant. April 2020.

La Plaza Bakery, Salinas: Obtained a new, ADA compliant service dog policy at the bakery, to allow disabled patrons to be accompanied by their qualified service dogs when entering the facility. April 2020.

Fandee’s Restaurant, Sebastopol: Defendants agreed to provide accessible parking, exterior paths of travel, interior paths of travel, entry doors, seating, and a fully accessible single accommodation restroom. Additionally, Defendants agreed to maintain all the accessible features provided because Plaintiff was seriously injured when she fell after the grab bar in defendants’ restroom came loose as she was using it to lift herself from the toilet. February 2020

City of San Mateo (downtown parking), San Mateo: The City of San Mateo agreed to enhance the accessibility of their downtown on-street accessible parking by supplying six compliant designated accessible parking spaces with compliant curb ramps serving them. January, 2020.

Geary Mall, San Francisco: Defendants agreed to provide a complaint path of travel for disabled patrons to access all stores in the Mall, including providing an accessible ramp, implementing a policy of ensuring that the wheelchair lift is operational, and providing signage to show the accessible path of travel. December 2019.

Ketch Joanne, Half Moon Bay: Defendants agreed to create new accessible restroom, seating areas and paths of travel in the interior of the restaurant. December 2019.

Quality Inn, Petaluma: Defendants agreed to create a new accessible guest room, parking spaces, and path of travel to accessible guest rooms. They also agreed to improve the accessibility of their lobby and public restrooms. November 2019.

Tenaya Lodge Resort at Yosemite: Defendants agreed to provide new accessible guestrooms, check-in counter and accessible paths of travel. They also agreed to make improvements to the accessibility of their restaurant. October 2019.

Certified Towing, Richmond: Defendants agreed to make service counter, payment station and parking accessible to disabled patrons. September 2019.

Morris & Sons Towing, Newark: Defendants agreed to provide an accessible parking space, front entrance, and service counter. August 2019.

East Oakland Apartment Building, Oakland: We negotiated immediate relief and temporary lodging for a person with a disability who was trapped in his second floor apartment for almost three months due to the landlord’s failure to maintain the elevator, which as a wheelchair uses her needed to get out of the building. The landlord later also agreed to adopt a new service policy for the elevator to prevent future extended outages. July 2019.

Safeway, Sacramento: Defendants agreed to create fully accessible parking including clearing multiple obstructions blocking the access aisle including a permanent shed, parking bollards, and propane filling station. May 2019.

Western Dental, Santa Cruz: Defendants agreed to provide a fully accessible dental exam room (including the capacity to perform dental surgery), restroom, entrance, exterior paths of travel and parking. May 2019.

Alameda Shoreline, Alameda: East Bay Regional Parks Department agreed to enhance the accessibility of over 2 miles of beachside walking trail by filling dangerous cracks and smoothing the trail. The Department also agreed to create a maintenance schedule and policy to prevent disrepair and future inaccessibility. April 2019.

K1 Speed, Dublin: We obtained a nation-wide injunction settlement for provision of hand controls in Go-Karts used for indoor Kart racing. K1 Speed, a provider of indoor Go-Kart racing entertainment, agreed to install hand controls in at least one Kart at each of its 41 locations by the end of 2020, as well as the necessary accessible paths of travel and transfer areas to use the Kars for persons with disabilities. March, 2019.

Nazareth Ice Rink, Redwood City: Defendants agreed to provide accessible parking, viewing area seating, and restrooms. March, 2019.

Restaurants in Sacramento, Vallejo, San Mateo, San Francisco, Berkeley and Pacifica: In each case Rein & Clefton obtained improvements of accessible features including accessible parking, accessible seating, restrooms and customer service policies. March – April, 2019

Prosthetics Medical Office, Antioch: Defendants remedied inaccessible parking, path of travel, front entrance to prosthetics medical office and restrooms serving it. February, 2019.

Codornices Public Park, Berkeley: City of Berkeley agreed to install accessible restrooms and paths of travel within the park, including removing barriers, and renovating an unsafe ramp condition, and adding accessible street parking to its planned renovations of the Park. December, 2018.

Large Japanese Restaurant, Berkeley: Negotiated enforcement of accessible reservation policy, and adding multiple new accessible seats and tables. Settlement also required two fully accessible restrooms be created. December, 2018.

Mexican Restaurant, Redwood City: New accessible parking, path of travel to restaurant, new accessible entrance, cashier station, and restrooms. November, 2018.

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital at Mission Bay: Obtained a new, ADA compliant service dog policy at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, including implementation of an individualized assessment tool for evaluating all the steps the Hospital must take to accommodate a disabled patient’s right to be accompanied by her qualified service dogs when entering the facility. October 2018.

Shopping Mall, Larkspur: Negotiated installation of a new, fully-accessible disabled parking at a large mall in Larkspur, California. We enhanced the distribution of the existing accessible spaces making it is easier for disabled persons to access the mall. We also created an additional, new parking space for expectant mothers and those with a special need. October 2018.

Gas Station, San Francisco: Won new accessible parking where there had been zero accessible spaces provided. We also created an accessible route from the new parking space to the pay kiosk and public sidewalk. October 2018

Large Restaurant, Redwood City: Made a large restaurant in Redwood City more accessible by removing a dangerous sidewalk condition situated along the accessible route to the front entrance and enhanced accessibility at the front entrance and in the restroom. September 2018.

Oakland Unified School District: Obtained power door opener and accessible intercom at local elementary school. September 2018.

City of Pacifica, City Hall: Negotiated improved accessible public programs and services offered at Pacifica City Hall by requiring the City to make its City Hall Annex Building fully accessible. Settlement involved relocating services to make them available at the Annex so that they may be accessed by persons with disabilities. This included creating new accessible parking, accessible restrooms, meeting rooms, and adding directional signage and power door openers to the Annex entrance. The City’s website was also redesigned to include information on how to access City programs and services as a person with a disability. June 2018.