Full & Equal Access: Disabled Rights Litigation In California
By Paul L. Rein 

The cover of the book Full and Equal Access(Available as a Paperback or Kindle Edition from Amazon.com.)

This book is intended to give a general outline of the law regarding access to public accommodations for disabled persons under California laws first passed in 1968, and then under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Portions of the book outline important legal precedents that may be of use to disabled persons and their attorneys and supporters when they decide to take action to enforce their rights to full and equal access to public accommodations.

The more access barriers that are removed, the more businesses that disabled persons (and their companions) can patronize and spend their money in. Each action may also have a ripple effect which will benefit every disabled person who is later able to use the improved facilities, and a further ripple effect if it motivates voluntary access improvements by building owners and/or their tenants. Voluntary compliance will result in less need for litigation and less need for paying attorney fees to plaintiff attorneys and defense lawyers.

Most disabled rights attorneys are working for the day when our society is fully accessible to persons with disabilities, and litigation will no longer be necessary. But until that day comes, disabled access litigation should remain an essential tool in the fight to achieve an accessible society.

Released: July 15, 2013