A drawing of a wheelchair next to a very large 'scale of justice.'

With over 50 years of combined legal experience, attorneys Paul Rein and Aaron Clefton specialize in representing physically disabled persons who have suffered discrimination on the basis of a physical disability, including mobility impaired persons who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices. We also seek damages for our clients under related California law statutes.

We take no portion of our clients’ damages as fees, and do not require them to pay any of our attorney fees, litigation expenses or costs. We represent disabled persons as individuals solely on a contingency fee basis. Our attorney fees and costs are obtained on a statutory basis from the defendants only, by judgment, or by settlement, and only if we win the case. Our clients are not responsible to pay anything involving the costs of their case, including our attorney fees, which may be awarded by the Courts.

Most of our cases involve discrimination that arises from disabled persons encountering barriers to accessing public places that deny them full and equal access to public accommodations, including hotels, sports arenas, live theatres, movie theatres, and restaurants. We have also successfully pioneered applying the Americans with Disabilities Act to Cruise Ships, Ski Areas, and stopping denial of use of qualified service dogs in Hospitals. Other successful lawsuits resulted in major access improvements in universities, colleges, and at least 10 county courthouses.

Our goal is eradication of discrimination on the basis of disability for all disabled persons as well as for our clients. We represent disabled people to vindicate their civil rights as disabled persons, and to improve disabled access for the public at large by enforcing the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar California State laws.

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