A drawing of a wheelchair next to a very large 'scale of justice.'

We believe protecting the vulnerable from the powerful is our mission as civil rights lawyers.

We represent persons with disabilities to remove barriers that interfere with their equal right to use public places. We also represent persons living with unmanageable debt to remove financial barriers and give them a fresh start.

After 50 years as civil rights lawyers fighting for persons with disabilities, the negative economic impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic motivated us to offer debt relief and bankruptcy services on a sliding scale to the financially vulnerable.

We continue to represent persons with disabilities without charging them attorney fees. For our bankruptcy clients, we offer a sliding scale for our fees based on individual financial need and circumstances.

Disability Rights are Civil Rights. Economic Rights are Civil Rights. Your rights deserve the protections of legal representation.

If You are A Person with a Disability Who Has Experienced Discrimination, Click Here.

If You Are in Need of a Sliding Scale Debt Relief Consultation or Bankruptcy Services, Click Here.