Rein & Clefton seeks to end housing discrimination against persons with disabilities in three ways.

First, we enforce the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) to make homes more accessible.

The FHA protects people with disabilities who make reasonable requests for reasonable accommodation, like changes to policies. Some examples of reasonable accommodations include relocating to an accessible apartment, maintaining elevator operation, or being allowed designated parking spaces. These are often paid by the housing provider.

Similarly, the FHA protects people with disabilities who make requests to make reasonable modifications to their home at their own expense. For example, physically altering it to add grab bars to their restroom, or a ramp to their home. A housing provider cannot reasonably decline such requests if the person with disability offers to pay for the physical change.

Second, after we have fixed the access problems with our clients’ home, we work to obtain reasonable compensation for them.

The FHA and similar California laws require that Defendant pay damages for discrimination they cause.

Third, we never charge our clients for our services because the law requires Defendants to pay our attorney fees.

If we win, Defendants pay our fees. If we lose, you owe us nothing.

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