Public Interest Precedents

Tamara v. El Camino Hosp., 964 F. Supp. 2d 1077 (N.D. Cal. 2013): On a matter of first impression, the Law Offices of Paul Rein won a preliminary injunction to allow a service dog to accompany a person with a disability into a closed psychiatric ward. (Lead Counsel, Celia McGuinness).

Marvin Huezo v. Los Angeles Community College District (Pierce College), 672 F.Supp.2d 1045 (C.D. Cal. 2008). The Law Offices of Paul Rein won summary judgment regarding make a large college campus accessible, including parking, paths of travel throughout the campus, reasonable accommodation policies, and desks. We achieved a Court Ordered permanent injunction after Summary Judgment to effectuate improved access (Lead Counsel, Patricia Barbosa)

Bernard Walker and Christina Adams v. Carnival Cruise Lines, et al., (1999) 63 F.Supp.2d 1083 and (2000) 107 F.Supp.2d 1135. Paul Rein won two published opinions in this case, both about protecting persons with disabilities from discriminatory policies. First, the Court found that a travel agent may be held liable under the ADA for a discriminatory policy, in this case for selling tickets to a cruise on an inaccessible ship. Second, the Court held that for public policy reasons, a cruise ship contract’s forum selection clause was not enforceable because it is an undue burden to require disabled persons to travel to Florida to litigate their disability discrimination claims. In addition to these published decisions, Paul Rein successfully negotiated the creation of accessible cabins and features on a Carnival Cruise ships while winning damages for the disabled plaintiff. This case was possibly the first case upholding ADA jurisdiction over “foreign flag” cruise ships which operated in American waters. The Court, California Northern District Judge, Thelton Henderson, recognized ADA Plaintiffs as carrying out important public policy as “private attorneys general[s].” (Lead Counsel, Paul Rein)

James Donald v. Cafe Royale, 218 Cal. App. 3d 168 (1990). Paul Rein successfully won a case and a published opinion establishing the framework for analyzing disability rights under California state law and established a right for statutory state law damages without having to prove wrongful intent by defendants. (Lead Counsel, Paul Rein)

James Donald v. Sacramento Valley Bank, 209 Cal. App. 3d 1183 (1989). Paul Rein obtained an appellate court decision that ATMs, despite not being specified by state building code regulations, were covered by California State disability rights laws. He won installation of an accessible ramp and ATM at Sacramento Valley Bank for his client, James Donald. The case set standards for state law liability for alteration-triggered access. (Lead Counsel, Paul Rein)

Mark Hankins v. El Torito Restaurants, Inc, 63 Cal. App. 4th 510 (1998). Paul Rein won significant damages for his client at trial, after Mark Hankins experienced a humiliating bodily functions accident at an El Torito restaurant which denied Mr. Hankins access to its first floor, employee’s only restroom based on a policy of excluding disabled persons from using it, where the only “public” restrooms were up a flight of stairs on the second floor. (Lead Counsel, Paul Rein)