Introduction for Lawyers

Transcription of video:

My purpose in giving this talk, and my purpose generally in terms of writing articles for lawyers, is to encourage them to consider handling at least one disabled rights case. If you know about what the aspects are, then you will recognize one when you see one.

Basically, one of things that should be understood when we’re talking about disabled access, is that this is not simply a matter of building code violations. This is a matter of civil rights. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 defines discrimination against disabled persons to include the failure to remove architectural barriers where the removal of such barriers is “ready achievable,” or where it’s otherwise required because of the building’s alteration or construction schedule after 1992.

In California, on the other hand, we have had civil rights statutes protecting disabled persons since about 1968 (Section 54 and 54.1 Civil Code) and we’ve had building code requirements since 1970 (under Section 19955 to 19959 of the Health and Safety Code).